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Kitchen Savvy was created with the goal of sharing the cultural food Emaan and Savana love so much with their community (yay for more diverse food options!). With an Authentic Middle Eastern/Mediterranean menu their food is wholesome, delicious and nutritious and offers vegan, gluten free and keto options. At the heart of their menu is their oven baked chicken cooked to perfection with the latest new technology and seasoned with their very own spice blend. 


Kitchen Savvy is owned and operated by mother daughter duo Emaan and Savana Toppazzini. These two have been cramping up the kitchen together since Savana’s earliest days with food, looking up from her stool in admiration at her expert mama.


Back then Emaan would bring her work as a director of menu innovation for Toppers Pizza home to her girls (Amanda, Layla and Savana)  where they would act as little “taste testers” for their mama’s creations. Savana (the natural born foodie) went on to pursue her passion for the culinary arts at George Brown College where she received her Diploma with honours from their Culinary Management Program. Their Mama also known as Emaan spent time on her passion for food,  perfecting recipes handed down from her ancestors through her Palestinian/Lebanese roots (it doesn’t get more authentic than that!). This gave birth to a shared dream of owning their own restaurant grounded in Faith, community, and a deep love and respect for food and their culture.


And our mission? 

       To focus on creating food for your SOUL and HEART. And to be a business that is part of the local community, supporting other local businesses. 


Of course this wouldn’t be their story without mentioning their behind the scenes superpower Keith Toppazzini also referred to as “dad” for all his hard work on the business side of things. Kitchen Savvy wouldn’t be what it is today without him. Thanks dad!

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